Insurance in personal loans: guide, how does it work?

In a situation like the one that has been created in our country, tied up between the ongoing economic crisis and the ongoing revolution in the world of work, obtaining a loan can be quite complicated , especially if you are not able to present the guarantees required. Even in this case, however, the banking […]

Personal loans and microcredit: better offers on small loans

The combination of personal loans and microcredit has developed mainly in recent years, when it became clear that, in the face of the economic crisis gripping the West, ordinary credit is unable to meet all needs and provide adequate answers to those who are looking for liquidity to deal with the basic aspects of everyday […]

Are personal loans inherited?

Are personal loans possible without a paycheck ? The lending institutions put the presence of a fixed income as a fundamental condition to provide funding, but in the presence of alternative guarantees it is possible to obtain loans without paychecks, a particular type of loans specifically dedicated to those who need liquidity to meet certain […]

Personal loans up to 90 years

Italians are increasingly looking for personal loans up to 90 years , having lengthened the average age and also the life expectancy of the population. However, it is not easy to obtain this type of financing, since credit institutions and finance companies very often prefer to set precise age limits, especially when it comes to […]

Personal loans and communion of assets

Personal loans and property communion : how does it work? The question is not irrelevant for the purpose of repaying debts, so that a credit institution or financial company always evaluates very carefully whether the spouses or the sole owner of the conjugated loan is in a regime of separation or communion of assets: the […]

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