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Personal loans and property communion : how does it work? The question is not irrelevant for the purpose of repaying debts, so that a credit institution or financial company always evaluates very carefully whether the spouses or the sole owner of the conjugated loan is in a regime of separation or communion of assets: the information it is decisive not only for the assessment of the actual patrimonial status of the applicant or of the applicants, in case the claim is submitted by both spouses, but also to evaluate further guarantees in case of insolvency due to non-payment of installments. And just before the debt situation we want to focus our attention on the communion of assets and personal loans , observing what are the provisions of the civil code and the various possible cases.

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Here You Can Find Personal Loans

Personal loans for self-employed and self-employed are a possibility of funding open to all those who do not have income from employment and therefore require personal loans without paychecks : the range of products made available by banks and financial companies is less extensive , but this does not mean that there is a lack […]


Personal loans and communion of assets

When you are preparing to apply for a loan, the credit institute among other things wants to have information on the client’s civil status: personal loans and asset communion represent an important combination for the purposes of the assessment, since the marriage bond and the chosen regime for the assets in common between the two […]


Personal loans with CUD

Apply for personal loans with CUD is an option for all those who do not fall into the category of permanent employees, and who instead of the last two paychecks can therefore attach this certification of income to the application for funding. in addition to the tax code and the identity document, for the purposes […]