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Personal loans for self-employed and self-employed are a possibility of funding open to all those who do not have income from employment and therefore require personal loans without paychecks : the range of products made available by banks and financial companies is less extensive , but this does not mean that there is a lack of good opportunities for those who can still offer a sufficient certification of income and precise purposes at the time of the request to get the go-ahead. Let’s see what are all the loans proposals for self-employed and freelancers available on the credit market, also contemplating alternative ways to traditional bank financing such as social lending.

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  • Personal loans for freelancers, what are they?
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Personal loans for freelancers, what are they?

Personal loans for freelancers, what are they?

First of all, let’s briefly clarify what a personal loan is for self-employed and freelancers: fundamentally it is nothing more than a loan for all those who do not fall into the category of employee, but they do carry out an independent profession. Not being able to certify income from fixed income and demonstrable, these loans are in the loans without paychecks , which indeed do not deviate much from normal personal loans: basic

the documents to be delivered to the credit institution will always be the same, with the single model or 730 instead of the last two pay slips that usually require the financial as proof of income. In addition, personal loans for freelancers are open to further solutions for specific purposes, such as loans to renovate their home or business, or others closely related to their profession. The council is, therefore, to specify to the bank the purposes for which a sum of money is required, in order to be able to find together the credit product that best suits your needs.

Personal loan for self-employed, documentation

Personal loan for self-employed, documentation

What do you want to do? We summarize the documentation to be submitted to the credit institution necessary to obtain access to personal loans, which provides:

  • Valid identity document, such as an identity card
  • Tax code or regional health card
  • Documents proving the income, such as the tax return or the Unico model, and in addition may possibly provide additional documentation such as a business plan, a customer list, a copy of the invoices, and anything else that may be required by the credit institution to purposes of the evaluation process.

This is the basic documentation, but depending on the individual profile and the type of request on the part of the subject it may be necessary to present further documentation, such as  certifications and certifications that serve as justifications for the expense in case the sum of money requested is for professional purposes: this is the case, for example, a restructuring estimate or a purchase order for a machine, and so on.

Loans for self-employed and freelance professionals with guarantor

Until now we have considered loans for self-employed and self-employed people who involve subjects with a sufficient demonstrable income, but in some cases, being non-payroll funding, the risk policies of a credit institution or finance company would not allow the disbursement the amount requested, therefore the intervention of a guarantor is necessary. This means that self-employed and freelancers can resort, in case of insufficient income, to personal loans with guarantor that work in the same way of products reserved for those who, in the absence of the necessary requisites, even with an employment contract, must recur to the guaranty. The guarantor

is a third party who is able to take over the principal debtor in the event of non-payment of a loan installment: this means that the guarantor (or guarantor) must have a sufficient demonstrable income, free from other loans in progress and that does not turn out to be a bad payer. On the other hand, on the other hand, if the figure of the guarantor is not required or unavailable, it could lead the bank to request a further form of collateral, such as a mortgage on a house or a pledge on a registered movable asset.

Loan for self-employed and self-employed professionals in 24 hours

For those who need to obtain a sum of money quickly there is also a loan for self-employed and self-employed in 24 hours, a type of financing that belongs to the category of so-called fast loans , which as can easily be seen from the name as their own peculiarities a short time compared to other forms of personal loans, which usually take between 3 and 5 working days. Moreover, it is also important to consider that in order to obtain any personal loan it is necessary to show the certification of your monthly income or the paycheck, and in the case of the self-employed it is impossible, as it does not possess it, but can show the income tax return annual as a form of income certification. The personal loan for self-employed or self-employed workers obtainable in 24 hours provides for the disbursement

of a capital of between approximately € 1000 and € 50 thousand , an amount that may vary on the basis of the annual remuneration submitted to the bank during the valuation process, and which can be disbursed in one working day , with an amortization schedule of up to 10 years, or 120 monthly installments . This type of fast financing is usually requested online, through special forms on the websites of the banks that allow you to get these fast loans for self-employed and freelancers, but alternatively, you can also go directly to the branch you want to apply for a personal loan.

The loan between private individuals

Loan between private individuals

An alternative for those who do not want or can not resort to a traditional bank is the social lending, or the loan between individuals via the web, which is experiencing increasing success in recent years thanks to the development of new digital technologies. This type of product is offered by specific online platforms authorized by the Bank of Italy, as Smartika or Prestiamoci to mention the most known carriers including those operating in our country, which allows private investors and those seeking a loan to meet virtually: once the go-ahead has been obtained, the beneficiary arrives the sum of money in his current account, sum consisting of what was made available by many small investors.

The beneficiary of the loan between individuals returns the sum normally through direct debits on the current account and is the same brokerage company, which also acts as guarantor and collection agent in case of non-payment of monthly installments, to then provide for reimbursement for the single lender who can earn through interest. The benefits of social lending are fast delivery times and competitive interest rates, and a freelancer or self-employed person who can count on a good income has more opportunities to get a high rating, and therefore more likely to enjoy financing costs somewhat downs.

Personal loans for bad payers

Personal loans for bad payers

As for employees, it can also happen to self-employed and freelancers to be reported as protested or bad payers because of a simple mistake: this involves reporting in CRIF, the data store consulted by the Italian market to assess the reliability of the applicant, and the consequent greater difficulties in having access to the credit necessary to meet their needs. Fortunately, as they apply higher funding conditions and require stricter requirements because of the increased risks, banks provide personal loans for bad payers and protested through the presentation of more guarantees, as a third party guarantor that allows endorsement or surety, or more real guarantees such as mortgages and pawns. At other times a credit institution to protect itself more will grant a lower amount or with shorter payback times: in short, personal loans for bad payers are also possible for self-employed and self-employed, but there are no other alternative routes.

For example, a protested or bad payer can resort to the loan being changed, or a loan through bills of exchange that allows you to get the sum of money by paying the bills instead of the usual monthly installments in the amortization plan. The difference is that the bills are executive debt securities that will allow the bank to be able to easily recoup the assets owned as collateral of the debtor if he is unable to pay the amount due.

Alternatives for self-employed and freelancers

Are other alternatives to personal loans possible for self-employed and freelancers? In addition to the classic personal loan, the professional loan and those with guarantors, it may be useful to have access to other types of products, such as a current account credit for the management of one’s own professional liquidity, a credit card with a ceiling, or a ceiling , which allows you to comfortably make the planned expenses, or even a mortgage loan .